11. Dezember 2019
This article is a rough run through some of the themes and motifs the series "Buffy - The Vampire Slayer" offers.
12. September 2019
It's been a while, since I last posted something. This has many reasons - having a job, moving, summertime and holiday-time, but I am still working on new articles to come, about a film, a festival and (hopefully) new books.
23. Januar 2019
Coming up...
13. Februar 2018
My thoughts on an accident of a coach during Cologne's Rosenmontag's parade.

23. Januar 2018
I went, I saw, I changed. The first day of what was to become the trip of a lifetime.

05. Dezember 2017
When on Facebook, you find the most interesting things. I found this picture, shared by a friend from a writer's page and thought it, as he did, to be a solid exercise for my writing skills. Thus, I went for it. I hoped that many of my friends would comment and that I could let my creativity run free for a bit.

16. November 2017
Yes, it's cheesy and full of bacon goodness and it is one of the most satisfying dishes I've created so far. It's food for a rainy day, a hard day or an especially hungry day.

17. Oktober 2017
Atmospheric, claustrophobic and restless - a society deeply in turmoil between the ambitious task to settle on new planets and the dystopian reality of hell on earth.

03. Oktober 2017
The expectations I had when I sat down in front of the big screen were not fulfilled because the film was different. I had expected a somewhat traditional romance within the story that envelopes different strands of storytelling. In short (for those who are afraid of spoilers), it was: - good - sad - frightening and upsetting - historically accurate (compared with what I know through my studies in Indology and British Studies) - surprisingly honest - heartwarming For those who are not
30. September 2017
So... This is my first entry. Partly to overcome the fear of actually posting something, and partly to check the features of this blog. The intricacies of this website still elude me a little and it takes some time to acquaint myself with it. How to create links, how to find the right design and how to organise this website in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. Sadly it's not as easy as it sounds, but hey - "had I but world enough and time" (Andrew Marvell)...